Polyethylene bags and bags “Shirt ” – the most affordable option among packages with handles and therefore the most popular. Many trade and commercial and industrial companies, as well as pharmacy (drugstore chain), are increasingly give preference to shirt packages for packing their products. Excellent performance and convenient form of plastic bags “Shirt” allowed them to gain popularity as the sellers and consumers.

Shirt (T-shirt )package is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) or (LDPE). On the package can be a logo and contact information for flexographic printing method.

For the production of packages shirt relatively small number of copies used screen printing technology. Unfortunately, in this case, there are a number of limitations. One such limitation is that seal the edge of the package is not feasible. Another significant limitation is the inability to apply full color picture of the finished package.

For the convenience of customers of the company «Production Pack» (Production Pak), the whole process of agreeing the layout of the future picture via email, which saves time and money.
Due to lateral folds in the shirt packages can accommodate even bulky products. This feature is an essential package of shirts and distinguishes them from the banana package, allowing to significantly reduce the production cost of a package of T-shirts.
Did you know that the field of view of each of the modern man in a shopping center, located about 50 packages with promotional information?

Packages “T-shirt” differ:

1) low cost;
2) higher capacity;
3) great strength;
4) spaciousness, because the package jersey significantly increased in size by opening the lateral folds;
5) the possibility of applying the corporate picture.

HDPE T-shirt bags are highly durable due to the increased thickness of polyethylene, and the handles of such a package, experiencing maximum load, resistant to deformation. On a smooth, flat surface packages jersey inflicted on them picture looks very beautiful, impressive and presentable. This is a free and very effective advertising platform for promoting your brand.

Shirt bags in rolls
«Production Pack» (Production Pak) offers disposable bags jersey rolls for retail outlets. Practical form of packets can withstand relatively large weight. Shirt bags in rolls transparent without pattern or logo have become popular in major supermarkets for packaging products and other non-food items. Rolls shirt packages are easy to transport and convenient to use at the checkout and near shelving products.

Benefits of shirt packages in rolls:

1) increased strength
2) protection against penetration of smell
3) watertight
4) protection against penetration of UV rays

If you still have some questions, and you can not decide which package to satisfy all your needs – our managers will be happy to advise you the best type for you.