dscn18418POLYBAGS ™ – is a leader in delivering bags for construction debris in Ukraine. We are direct suppliers of construction debris bags for all national networks of building materials – Epitsentr, New Line, Leroy Merlin. For the sake of providing the highest quklity bags for construction debris, we created our own office in China, which constantly monitors the quklity of the products at local factories: -provides incoming inspection of raw -monitors the consistency of raw recipes -Number of bags for construction debris in a single package is 500 The price of green polypropylene bags for construction debris is much lower than standard polypropylene bags. GREEN BAGS You can also use the green bags (packing bags) for bulk products, building materials, construction waste, industrial waste, agricultural products and other needs. Construction waste bag is made from recycled polypropylene, it is comparable to the cost of secondhand bags but in order of magnitude better and easier to use!.