Modern production of PolyBags ™ manufactures and sells custom polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner for sugar and other products. Products are manufactured in accordance with GOST. It was designed for storage and transportation of food products (sugar, starch, salt). In bags from PolyBags ™ , your products will be completely safe. The material used to produce polypropylene bags with liner for Sahara – is water-and frost-resistant. We suggest you to buy in bulk bags with liner of high quklity and reliable material. To identify your product, which packaged in polypropylene liner bag we can print your colorful logo on it Polypropylene bag with HDPE liner manufactured in different size, which depends on the size and weight of the bag. Thickness HDPE liner is made in accordance with the requirements of the customer. To buy bags with a liner you just need to call the sales department of our company. Our managers will take your order and soon you will be able to store and transport your products in bags with the liners from PolyBags ™.

Size Capacity  Weight
55×103 50 kg 90 g
56×96 50 kg (for sugar) 110 g
50×90 50 kg (for salt ) 58 g
50×75 25 kg 48 g