Packaging – an important part of any product. In it, you are sending your products to the customer. Impression from the packaging or container is very important because quklity and attractive appearance says a lot about your product.

Are you looking for where to buy bags for flour? In this case you will be interested in our products. POLYBAGS company offers a range of diverse packaging and container. Also on request we impose a special logo on the bag. Polypropylene bags with logo have excellent appearance and useful information that can be placed on them. Moreover, it attracts the eyes of potential buyers to choose from. Figure applied using flexo, and it can be with three colors We can sell you a bags for flour with logo, or as others polypropylene bags with logo. Packaging production company POLYBAGS is quklitative, and has excellent performance. And with bright logo, you can increase the number of sales that will bring you even more money ! To buy bags with the logo in Kiev, you need to call the sales department bags. Our managers will quickly and competently formalize your order and will bring it as quickly as possible to you.

Size Capacity Weight
40×55 10 kg
30×45 5 kg