Stretch film



Stretch film (technical film, pallet film, industrial film) – is a polymeric material for packaging. It has significant advantages over other film materials: tensile strength, puncture resistance (shock or burst) and the ability of layers, to not sticking together.

Elastic stretching of the stretch film in packaging product provides its return to its original state, which ensures cargo fixing preserving the protective function of packaging.

In general, the technical stretch film are using for packaging goods, and for packaging products of long rotary spiral wrapping.

In order to choose the most suitable stretch film for packaging of the goods, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

Cargo type (size, shape, weight);
Method of packaging;
Type of equipment used;
Modes of transportation and loading characteristics;
Requirements for the retention force and compression force during loading;
Probability of impact when loading.

Technical film

Technical stretch film – reliable protection of your goods. Technical stretch film used for packing of cargo on pallets. Pallet stretch serves to protect the products from dust and dirt, and also holds the goods on pallets during loading and during transportation. Characterized by high transparency. Tensile stress stretch film varies with time exponentially. Contraction force in the film will decrease with time, the rate of this decrease is accelerated by increasing the temperature of the environment.
Stretch film (stretch wrap) technical – is winding material that has the ability to stretch (300%) and return to the starting position. Stretch film is resistant to tears, punctures and impact. Due to the high contractible effort and the ability of the parties to adhere to each other the load is held securely.

Stretch film has a different thickness, respectively, are used for various kinds of goods:

For mounting conventional cargo enough 17 microns
For securing oversized cargo or cargo with sharp edges recommended thickness of 20 microns
For securing heavy loads (stone blocks, curb tiles) needed a film thickness of 23 microns
Stretch film should be stored at a temperature of 50 C to 250C, relative humidity less than 80%, the distance from heaters must exceeds 1 m Just forbidden films deposited next to solvents, acids, and any active chemicals.