The company`s operating product flow amounts to 9,5 million of finished goods on a monthly basis!


In every region of Ukraine, you can meet our products in any of the network stores of building materials. The usability of our product is tremendous, it is commonly used in most of the sugar factories, elevators, feed mills and factories for the production of various fertilizers and chemicals for packaging purposes.

We manufacture a complete range of all standard sizes

Determine what problem the polypropylene bag should solve
What types of loads are placed on the bag when transporting prepackaged products?
We negotiate the required quantity and terms of production of the order
Determine whether you need full-color printing or a single-color logo is enough
Are there any additional features / requirements for transportation / production?

We produce a complete range of all sizes and with specific characteristics

Applying multi-color logos and images is a competitive advantage for your business.

Our equipment allows to quickly apply multi-color images of your choice.

Just provide us with your unique layout, and we give you the finished product in the shortest possible time (ASAP). The use of the logo and additional information on packages is an affordable and extremely important competitive advantage for any business.

We will contact you as soon as possible
Just leave your contact

    We create the best packaging solutions that enable our partners and their customers to achieve business success!

    We are always ready to cooperate!

    Step 1: choose the size and format
    Step 3: Decide what we print and what colors
    Step 2: Determine Weight Loads and Tensile Strength

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    Competent solutions from a real manufacturer.

    Any task of our client is discussed and solved at every business level of our company. 

    The manager making sure that the information regarding the business task of the client is shared with technical specialists of our production line. Only the guaranteed solutions that will meet all the needs of the client, as well as the desired quality, will be offered to our clients.

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