History of the company

Our company has been active in the Ukrainian market of Polypropylene and Polyethylene packaging and packaging since 1996.

We started our activity by importing high quality Polypropylene Bag from Turkey and India to Ukraine. Since the 1990s, our company has remained the leader in the supply of high-quality polypropylene bags to Ukraine.

At the same time, printing presses were installed on our production and warehouse sites, which allowed us to quickly apply multi-colored logos to the polypropylene bag for individual orders for our partners.

In 2008, we purchased modern equipment for the production of Polyethylene Films, Kulkovs, Packets and other products from Polyethylene. This allowed us to completely provide our customers with not only Polypropylene Sacks, but also high-quality Brand Packages, Insert Bags and other auxiliary polyethylene packaging. Thus, we were able not only to expand the assortment of provided services, but also to reach a new level of development of our company.

In 2010, we opened our own representative office in China, which:

  • provides input control of raw materials
  • monitors the consistency of raw materials
  • monitors the density of the weaving of the sleeve
  • monitors the strength of the finished Polypropylenic Bag
  • guarantees the number of bags in one package – 500pcs.

This allowed us to become a reliable Strategic Partner and a Key Supplier of Sacks for Construction Garbage for most of the national hypermarkets of construction materials in Ukraine.

For today we fruitfully cooperate with 2739 clients from all regions of Ukraine. We directly supply high-quality Polypropylene Bag to Sugar Plants, Yelevators, Salt and Fertilizer Production plants, Fodder Producers and many other enterprises of Ukraine from different industries where a Polypropylene Bag is needed, as a reliable and economical Packaging for Packaging and Transportation of Bulk Products and Materials.