Hand sewing machine

We offer manual bagging machines GK-9-2 for sewing sacks from polypropylene, jute, fabric. A bag sewing machine is needed to tighten the neck of the bag. The speed of the machine is so high that it makes it possible to sew up the neck of a standard bag in 7-8 seconds. Improved looper, the simplicity of the mechanism and thread cutting significantly speed up the packaging process. The machine for sewing a bag can work with both kraft paper and cotton paper. And also: with coarse material from jute, with jute, with polyethylene linen, on polypropylene basis, and with other materials. Perfectly closes bags. Engine power is 220W. The handmade machine weighs about 4.5 kg, which allows both men and women to easily control it. Bagging machine GK-9-2 – portable manual 1-thread single-needle bag sewing machine designed for sewing the neck of bags of all types. The GK-9-2 is a one-of-a-kind machine with a stitch length regulator. It is recommended to use it for sewing filled bags. The most affordable and best in price (cost) choice among bagging machines. Characteristics of the bag sewing machine:

  • Weight – 4.5 kg.
  • The stitch length is from 4 to 7 mm.
  • The maximum material thickness is 8mm
  • Parameters of the electric drive – 220V, 50Hz, 90W, 8000
  • Motor running mode – short-time: 5 sec. Work / 5 sec. Pause.
  • Type of stitch – single strand chain shuttle.
  • Woundable materials – paper, polypropylene, jute, fabric.
  • Applied thread – cotton, polyester, silk.
  • The overall dimensions are 268 X 160 X 330 mm.