To date, plastic bags are an essential subject in any trading structure. Now it is impossible to pack better and more convenient than in a plastic bag.

Company «Production Pack» (Production Pak) manufactures and distributes plastic bags of different shapes and all sizes. Wide range of colors and produced packages. The optimal price is determined by the quklity of products. On its own upscale modern equipment under constant quklity control by highly quklified specialists occurs manufacturing packages.
On the packaging of small and loose, moist and fatty foods in large supermarkets and small kiosks copes package plastic (including plastic bags with the logo). Despite the simple form and a wall thickness of packages can withstand quite a lot of weight-taki. Thus “T-shirt” from 2 sustain a load of 30 kg. (Depending on lot).
A package of this type received deserved title of “popular” due to its practicality and low price. Production of plastic bags on a large scale makes them available in any qukntities. Reliably protecting products from interaction with the environment, the packaging thus prevents rapid deterioration of the packaged product. Polyethylene and polypropylene bags are designed for easy storage and transportation as food and non-food products.
Examples of this packing a huge set.