Image package with a company logo is not only an attractive appearance but also gives a packaged product competitiveness and presentability. In addition, packets with a logo and a film with the printed picture is an inexpensive and quite effective form of advertising.

Flex-printing as a kind of high printing method involves the use of elastomeric photopolymer plates and quick-drying liquid ink.

To date, flexography is one of the most popular types of printing. This printing method can transmit multiple shades and colors while combining multicolor printing with automatic coercion forms of the printing machine.


Image package
Benefits of image bag and the accompanied flexographic technology

1) The simplicity of the technology;
2) Low costs;
3) High performance;
4) High-quality prints on a variety of materials;
5) Environmental print (used paint water or alcohol-based);
6) Low power consumption and equipment compared to other printing methods;
7) The low percentage of waste of image packages.