As a rule, primary or secondary raw materials are used for the production of polyethylene bags. They are usually used for packaging all kinds of loose chemicals and building materials. Such products include mineral fertilizers, chemical reagents, chalk, lime, gypsum, sand, cement, etc.
For commercial organizations, the logo can be added on a polyethylene bag.

In the “POLYBAGS”  you can always buy:

  • Polyethylene bags-liners in boxes for the packaging of fat, margarine, butter, jam, etc.;
  • Polyethylene bags-liners in cardboard boxes with perforations of special purpose for packing cookies and other bulk products;
  • Polyethylene bags-liners for packaging macaroni, groats, cement and other loose food and non-food products;
  • Polyethylene bags-liners in polypropylene bags for sugar and in also a paper bags for egg powder, milk powder, casein, gelatin, etc.;
  • Polyethylene bags-liners for growing mushrooms;
  • Polyethylene bags-liners for pickling vegetables, freezing fruit and vegetables, etc.;
  • Polyethylene bags-liners for the packing of toys, devices, loose building materials, chemicals, etc.

Our company is willing to provide linear bags according to customer preferences and requirements. The cost of making bags directly depends on the type of product you require, the thickness of the film material and the volume of the order.