proizvodstvo_paketImagine for a moment the situation that the production of the package was stopped and all packages disappeared from everyday life. What would you do without them? You would need to acquire forgotten shopping bags, which are unlikely to be able to replace the convenience of polyethylene packaging. Industry offers us a variety of packaging depending on the requirements: conventional bags without handles used to store food and non-food products; garbage bags – to facilitate the cleaning and waste disposal; T-shirt bags or banana; bags with reinforced handles that are useful for carrying fragile merchandise.

“POLYBAGS” – a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic packages, as well as we, have a huge assortment of polymeric containers and packaging. We specialize in the manufacture of bags, sacks, polyethylene film, big-bags, etc.
Ten years of experience and successful production of bags on the Ukrainian market of polymeric container and packaging reflects the quality of our products and the successful management team of the company. “POLYBAGS” collaborates with reputable supermarkets on a large-scale production, and with small businesses and private entrepreneurs. You can develop the design or we can help you with it. The complexity of design is not a problem for us since we are capable to print anything that you want on a package.

During our operations in the market, we have mastered modern production technology packages from polyethylene HDPE / LDPE and other types of packaging. The employees of “POLYBAGS” constantly monitor product quality and expand the range of packaging solutions according to demand.

Production of packages

An important activity of “POLYBAGS” is manufacturing PP and PE packages and their subsequent implementation (shipping, logistics) in bulk and wholesale.
Taking into account all the pros and cons of modern advertising, we can safely say that the production of PP or PE packages with a logo or a picture of the brand, is an integral part of any self-respecting company.
Bright and colorful logo (slogan) of your company will always attract attention to the product or service.
“POLYBAGS” carries out manufacturing packages on a fully automated line. Produced as high-pressure bags (HDPE package) and low-pressure bags (LDPE package). Production speed is up to 150 packages per minute.