We manufacture and sell the package PE for collecting and recycling of construction and other wastes.

«Production Pack» (Production Pak) manufactures and sells packages pe polyethylene high and low pressure overprinting with almost any level of image complexity, from simple one-color T shirt package to package with intricate designs and logo – full color masterpieces of design ideas.

We invite you to mutuklly beneficial cooperation with the company «Production Pack» (Production Pak) and offer you,a wide range of serial PE package.

Monthly refill product offering with the wishes of customers, the ability to pre-booked parties PE packages, attractive discounts and convenient location of the office – it’s not all benefits of cooperation with our company.
For all the time of «Production Pack» (Production Pak) there have not been statements from our customers about broken or shortage of products shipped (package ne). Variety batch range, consistently high quklity to ensure a stable supply and competitive prices we have established a good name in the market of Ukraine.