polipropilenoviy_paket2Many consumers make the mistake of claiming that the polypropylene packages are considered one-time use only. Depending on the strength and spaciousness, they can be used three to five times and be safe and sound, in fulfilling its mission.

By using modern production technology, it became also possible to print (by using full-color printing) company logos or all other types of information.

Polypropylene packages are the most popular type of packages for packaging of bakery products. With the propylene ability to pass air, bread can be packed hot state and shelf-life in 1.5 times longer than in plastic bags. Another area of application is to package cereals, sugar, and other bulk products. In any store, supermarket or on the market you can see pre-packaged rice or buckwheat in a beautiful, shiny package, which at the same time allows you to see the contents of the package. But this package benefits not only from beautiful appearance but also in reliability since polypropylene bag is very difficult to stretch or tear.