bigbag Big bag (FIBC) – this word means the container. This bag is made of polypropylene, used for transportation, storage and distribution of products for various purposes. Containers of this type is very convenient to store such things as food and industrial products. The shape of big bags are available in two types: round or squkre. For convenience of transport handle are provided, which can be from one to four. At the request of the customer’s, containers can be supplied with extra padding and information package for supporting documents. To ensure a tight seal and prevent spillage of products, bag equipped with polyethylene liners. These inserts are repeated outlines of the inner of surface of the containers and prevent the formation of voids between the walls and the walls of the polyethylene liner of the Big Bag. This is achieved thanks to the technology of manufacturing polyethylene liners. They resemble sleeve and blown into the container, and then are pressed. Thanks to a 2-color printing on the packaging of this opportunity to put logos firms and companies as well as to print any other useful information. Containers of this type are produced in strict compliance with State standards of Ukraine and are very popular with customers.