Unpackaged bag Big Bag (Big Bag)

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A flexible container with a specially built bottom is an alternative to a classic wooden pallet. A container in the near future will push it out of the market.
BigBeg size: 80 * 80 * 175 cm

Advantages of use:

  • monetary savings (you do not need a pallet)
  • There is no need for special fumigated pallets that are required for transportation overseas
  • The possibility of increasing the height of the bag and the overall capacity of Big Bega due to the saved height of the pallet
  • Can be used in “pure” production, for example, in the manufacture of medicines. There is no risk of contamination of nature with wooden chips.


  • for bags with SWL: a maximum of 1000 kg (SF 5: 1, 6: 1)
  • for bags with bottom dimensions (from 80×80 to 110×110 cm), height max. 180 cm, the discharge is even, the discharge funnel is maximum – 50 cm.

At the bottom of the Big Bag bag with two fabric tunnels, through which plastic profiles are tightly laid.
2 variants of bags:

  1. Self-contained valve with a tunnel
    • fixed to the bottom of the bag by ties with rivets and eyelets on the valve
  2. Valve with a tunnel as a part of the bag:
    • one side is sewn to the edge of the bottom, the other faces are fixed to the bottom by ties


  • If the valve is damaged, it is possible to replace it with a new valve
  • bag isolated from the ground
  • Isolation of bags from the ground by the valve

Valve with a tunnel (as the main part of the bag) – one side is sewn to the bottom, and the remaining faces are fixed to the bottom by ropes