Manufacture of BIG BAG bags for transportation of loose building materials such as: gravel, granite, cement, crushed stone, expanded clay, ordinary and quartz sand, and also for coal. Meshkotara Big Beg can be used for loading, transportation and storage of agricultural crops (cereals).

Why do not you need big comfortable bags of the big-bag type, under: MSW, crushed stone (PVC, HDPE, polystyrene), non-ferrous metal.
The big running capacity is enormous: up to 2 tons of weight. The casing is made of strong polypropylene fabric with lint or integral slings.
The inner polyethylene liner (container) can be installed or absent, depending on the use of the bag.
Big Beg are made by the method of tailoring from polypropylene or kapron fabrics. Polypropylene and kapron run races can be used once or be reusable. Some Big Begers have a valve and / or liner made of polyethylene.
The geometry of the Big Bag cutting is individual, in strict accordance with the customer’s drawing. We offer you the production of the Big Beg lot of any quantity, either on a one-off basis or on an ongoing basis. Our enterprise works without any interruptions and failures, and carries out deliveries in time according to the signed contract.