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Polypropylene bags. Polypropylene Bag – Price, Buy wholesale.

POLYBAGS® is a # 1 Manufacturer and supplier of Polypropylene Sacks in Ukraine since 1997. In 2014, we updated our manufacture processes of Polypropylene Sack by implementing the latest technology available.

Our Production: 1) High-Speed Extruder producing Thread for Polypropylene Sleeve

Polypropylene Bags in Ukraine - Manufacturing

Polypropylene Bags – Extruder

2) The thread is reeled up on special spools:

Polypropylene Bags in Ukraine - Manufacturing

Reeling Threads for Polypropylene Bags

3) Weaving Polypropylene Sleeves from which the Polypropylene Sacks (Bags) will be cut out :

Polypropylene Bags in Ukraine - Manufacturing

Weaving Sleeves from Polypropylene thread

Polypropylene Bags in Ukraine - Manufacturing

Weaving Sleeves from Polypropylene thread

4) Reeling the finished Polypropylene Sleeve for subsequent slicing of polypropylene bags.

Polypropylene Bags in Ukraine - Manufacturing

Polypropylene Bags – reeling the Polypropylene Sleeve

5) Slicing Polypropylene Sleeve – Manufacturing and Sewing Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene Bags in Ukraine - Manufacturing

Polypropylene Bags – cutting the sleeves and sewing polypropylene bags

We always have a wide range of finished products

Polypropylene Bags in Ukraine - Manufacturing

Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene Bags (PP Bags)

Polypropylene (PP) bags have a number of advantages. Their strength, moisture resistance, and frost resistance made this type of packaging popular in various industries. The polypropylene bags are used for storage and transportation of various bulk products, cargo, and materials. It is very convenient to transport small automobile parts, granulated materials, mixed feeds and much more, in polypropylene bags. To prevent spillage of content from bags, it is necessary to sew up the neck with a special bagging machine with a special thread designed for these purposes.

Fields of Application of Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bag is used for packing food loose products, including flour, cereals, salt, and sugar. In addition, they are used for packing loose building materials. By purchasing POLYBAGS ™ polypropylene bags, you can easily pack and transport everything you need. They can be used for agricultural products, granular polymers, a variety of industrial products, fabrics, overalls, and chemicals. By buying Polypropylene Bags, you and we ensure the safety of your cargo. It is durable, water resistant, and also resistant to low temperatures. Thus, the external environment will not pose any threat to food, construction materials, or the industrial products that you are going to pack in polypropylene bags. At the customer’s request, when buying polypropylene bags, we can also print or print up to three colors using flexography. So, on the bags, there may be a company logo, or useful information for consumers, thanks to which, the packaging itself will attract their attention. This will help you to increase the number of sales of your products. If you wish to Buy polypropylene bags in Kiev (Ukraine) it can be in POLYBAGS ™, also we are able to deliver our Polypropylene bags to any possible location. To do this, call the sales department of bags, and leave your application. Our managers will process it, and you can easily buy polypropylene bags. Polypropylene bags in Ukraine from POLYBAGS ™ is a quality package for reliable storage and transportation of your products, which will protect it from external influences, and help to preserve its original characteristics.

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Our company offers the widest range of Polypropylene bags of various sizes and densities that are constantly available in our warehouse. We can also make bags according to your size, with your logo and apply a full-color image.

Price for Polypropylene Sacks, wholesale

POLYBAGS ™ is a professional manufacturer of high-quality Polypropylene Bags (Sacks). In our assortment, there are more than 50 different types of polypropylene bags. Our differences from all vendors and manufacturers of Polypropylene Bag in Ukraine:

  • Own modern production of polypropylene bags in Ukraine
  • Individual approach to each client
  • We offer PP bag specifically for your products
  • We help you to create a unique design for your Polypropylene (PP) Bags (logo – cliche, full color – photo printing)
  • We produce polypropylene bags according to your size
  • We provide the necessary breaking loads
  • We provide any quantity you need
  • We ship Polypropylene (PP) Bags to you at a convenient time and place
  • We carry out “Burning” orders (including applying a logo for one night)
  • PRICE for Polypropylene Bags – this is not the most important for us, we will manage something with you

The standard range of Polypropylene bags, which you can always buy in Kiev in our warehouse.

Size of Polypropylene bags Capacity of Polypropylene bags Weight of Polypropylene bags
55×105 50 kg 75 gm
55×105 50 kg 85 gm
60×120 70 kg 100 gm
50×90 50 kg (for salt) 65 gm
50×75 25 kg 50 gm
40×55 10 kg 30 gm
30×45 5 kg 20 gm
30×30 2 kg 15 gm

Buy Polypropylene Bags Kiev

POLYBAGS ™ is a national brand supplier and manufacturer of Polypropylene Sacks in Ukraine. You can buy a polypropylene bag in Kiev directly from our warehouse. We provide the sale of PP bags in Kiev in bulk and in small lots every day, except weekends and holidays. We can provide you with delivery in Kiev when buying Polypropylene bags in our warehouse.

Buy Polypropylene Bags Ukraine

Nowadays, we provide daily delivery of polypropylene bags to all regions of Ukraine as well as to all other possible locations in Europe. You can Buy Polypropylene Bags by simply calling us to Kiev and if the quantity of Polypropylene Bags that you need is available in our warehouse, we can promptly ship them to you. PS If someone in Ukraine could sell and sell Polypropylene bags better than us – he would be at the EPICENTER