HDPE is widely used for the production of various films, bags and other packaging. Packaging of high-density polyethylene HDPE features tensile strength and compressive strength, low shock resistance, high permeability and chemical resistance to aggressive environments.

Polyethylene film is manufactured by extrusion with subsequent stretching of the pneumatic pressure polyethylene (low density) and low pressure (high density) and compositions containing pigments (dyes), stabilizers, lubricants, antistatic additives and modifiers.

HDPE film is used in agriculture, land reclamation and water management construction, as packaging material in various industries and other purposes.

Polyethylene film used as packaging material for manukl and automatic packaging, agriculture, construction and other industries.

By type of feedstock distinguish polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene (LDPE). In fact, HDPE is stronger than LDPE, however, has poorer optical properties and it is less smooth.

Ready polyethylene film comes in the form of a sleeve, half-sleeve or fabric.

HDPE film in the form of a sleeve, half-sleeve and cloth used for making bags. Sleeve is often used for packaging in automatic or manukl mode. Fabric is widely used in agriculture, construction, automatic packaging machines.