Films for mulching / Black film



Mulching – using film coatings, laid directly on the ground, for growing plants. The use of plastic film mulching in order to obtain an earlier and a rich harvest attracts more and more followers. This method has worked well for such heat-loving vegetables as peppers, tomatoes, corn, as well as work with grapevine.

Transparencies films , along with warming soil stimulate the development of weeds, which can greatly reduce the beneficial effects of mulching. Black film is most effective in controlling weeds under it is not formed mold.

An additional effect of mulching film can be achieved due to the fact that the film well keeps moisture in the upper layer of soil.

Experiments show that the use of a transparent film for mulching allows you to maintain the soil temperature is above 10 ° C, starting from mid-April. Under the black film temperature can sometimes drop below 10 ° C at night. We recommend that you choose a film for mulching with local conditions and the properties of the crop. Mulching can use different types of film: transparent, black and others.