Grid for Firewood

The net for firewood is made of strong cords. Used for transportation and further storage of firewood, as well as for packing briquettes and seedlings.

Grid for wood will not only save money and time for packaging, but also profitably emphasize YOUR products among competitors’ products.

Protection from penetration of ultraviolet radiation guarantees a long service and quality of the grid. Grids for packing firewood to tighten the cord to speed and simplify the packaging process.

Packaging of firewood is used for transportation and storage of firewood (for example: birch or oak trees). The mesh is made on the basis of woven material. Under the order, we produce grids with different cell diameters and the weight of the fabric. Packing for firewood can look in the form of a sleeve or with a side seam. Yellow, green, brown, and other colors on request.